Business and Strategy Planning

Competitive Edge provides Feasibility Studies that:

  • Ensure only commercial opportunities are embraced.
  • Utilise resources where they receive the best bottom line results.
  • Optimise the best strategies for achieving desired market development outcomes.
  • Measure Business success against current business objectives and outcomes.

Competitive Edge develops Market Plans that:

  • Successfully gain, maintain and retain customers
  • Provide the basis for production, sales & market expansion (domestic or global).
  • Establish future market direction, product portfolios, key customer & supplier .. relationships, & development opportunities.
  • Create an integrated communication platform incorporating both traditional and online ..emarketing strategies and approaches.
  • Estimate market opportunities & resource allocation for return on investment & long .. ..term growth prospects.
  • Assist Business Plans where investment reporting or new product development funding is required.
  • Assist in merger, acquisition and “business ready” sales activity.
  • Identify appropriate Government business grants and support systems

Competitive Edge develops Business Plans that:

  • Provide the basis for future business development & growth strategies.
  • Provide the blueprint for investment opportunities.
  • Assist with core market & business development.
  • Align the Business Plan needs & opportunities.
  • Provide an Action Plan for implementation.

Competitive Edge can assist with Government Grants!

  • Competitive Edge can assist in securing government grants or subsidies.
  • Our grant submissions can be on a success fee basis.
  • We work at Federal, State and Local Government levels, and complete grant submissions for not-for-profit organisations, commercial enterprises, trade and association groups, industry groups, etc.
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