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Recycling of Woody Waste, Fibrous Material and Biomass


Recycling of Biomass from Fruit & Vegetable Production


Recycling of Woody Waste from Viticulture & Wine Production


Recycling of Woody Waste from Timber Production &/or Sawmill Operations

Competitive Edge is an independent market research company based in Victoria.

We have been researching industrial, scientific and environmental markets in Australia and Asia for the over 34 years.

We have a client who has developed a unique recycling process that enables carbon emissions to be reduced and a productive ” Char “to be the output for alternative use in a number of applications, including  energy production and agribusiness production.

Our client’s process has been field tested, and is at the early stage of full commercialisation.

As part of our desire to understand potential markets and their specific recycling needs we are conducting online research via a link.

We have identified your organisation as one that may be able to contribute to a market driven commercial process that can benefit industries, such as yourselves in the future, in meeting environmental parameters and improved cost-effective production targets.

We would appreciate you taking approximately 15 minutes to complete the online survey.

As recognition of your input, we are willing to share with you the major outcomes of the study for your specific market segment in terms of recycling methods, cost parameters and current emission reduction efforts in your segment, and any other significant information that emerges from the study.


To report this, we will need your email address.

Your individual responses are kept confidential by Competitive Edge and only the aggregated data will be given to the client to meet their market planning and commercialisation needs.


We thank you in anticipation for participating in this research.

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