Critical Success Factors


After 34 years of marketing consulting, we are able to document the critical success factors underpinning marketing success.

  • Market size & market segment volume estimates, These are essential to align with scale, vision, control, marketing control (patents) etc. We always ask, “Is there a gap in the market and a market for our client in the gap?”
  • A sound understanding of the organisation’s core capacity & capabilities, now & in the future, to address market opportunities.
  • Establishment of a sound strategic product/service mix – Portfolio Analysis supported by a formally documented & aggressive marketing & business planning culture.
  • A thorough understanding of the operational marketing mix & strategies, especially Image, Brand, Positioning & Price, and a critical appreciation of the Web and Online Communication Platform. This must be supported by an appreciation of competitive organisations, their positioning, brand & marketing strategies.
  • Development of an integrated communication platform that supports image, positioning & brand, & allocates resources accordingly, while driving customers to the bottom line.
  • Commitment to the Product Life Cycle concept, analysis & practice as a basis for constant change & product/service renewal.
  • A belief that the customer is the greatest asset wealth creation versus cash flow.
  • A commitment to customer responsiveness (CRM).
  • A commitment to Relationship Marketing – cost of a sale approach.
  • Single desk marketing from a sound data base and distribution management system.
  • The ability to understand, identify & develop alliances & networks to assist delivery systems.
  • Communication skill development & a belief that “everybody sells”.
  • Effective ” face-to-face” selling skills, including internal team selling, to maintain, retain & gain customers.
  • A sound business & accounting system that measures performance & strategic outcomes.
  • Market ready development of a business for succession & sale at any time.
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